If You've become a Victim of ID Theft




     Step 1. Call your local police department or visit the station, and an officer will take a report.

     Step 2. Contact any of the three major credit bureaus and ask that they place a “fraud alert”

              on your credit report. 

              The three credit bureaus share information, so you only need to contact one of them.  


  • Contact the fraud department at each creditor or bank that provided the thief with unauthorized credit, goods or services.

  •  Provide them with the police department’s case number.  Keep detailed records of these conversations.

  • Contact financial institutions with which you have open accounts, even if these accounts have not yet been accessed or used fraudulently.

  •  Explain the situation to them.  You may need to close these accounts or changing the account numbers.

  • Contact the Federal Trade Commission online at www.consumer.gov/idtheft and report the case.  The FTC maintains an Identity Theft Data Clearinghouse and provides information to identity theft victims.

  • Organize and keep a detailed log of all of your contacts and make copies of all documents.  Make sure that you document the names of people you speak with and the time and date of your conversations.

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