Sweetheart Scams


How it works:

  A Fraudster poses as a friend / family member who is traveling to a different country (or some other situation) and has run into a problem where they need your help in the form of a wire transfer
  A few examples include a person who is in jail and needs to be bailed out, they got into an accident and the only way they can avoid having charges brought against them is by paying the owner of the property they have damaged, or they are injured and need money to pay for medical bills
  After they have described the situation they have gotten themselves into, they will ask the victim to immediately wire a sum of money to them
  Sometimes after a sum of money has been sent, they will ask for more money (They are now out of jail on criminal charges, but someone wants to press charges unless they are paid for property damages)

Once the money has been wired, there is virtually no way to get it back

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  Local Example 2


  The fraudster poses as a romantic interest online
  After rapport is built, the scammer asks the victim to cash checks or money orders for them, or they may suddenly describe the need for emergency cash as described above
  The checks that the victim receives are FAKE CHECKS but they are out a large sum of money before they realize this.



How Can You Protect Yourself?

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