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Don't Get Taken for a Ride!

Learn how some of the more popular scams work and how you can protect yourself


Types of Scams

Many of the scams below make use of "Fake Checks" - learn more about them here



   Overpayments/Rental Schemes


   Sweetheart Scams



 Sudden Riches / Foreign Lottery


    Bogus Grants



Work @ Home  /  Mystery Shopper 


   Foreign Business Offers



  Foreclosure Rescue Scams



Phishing - COMING SOON



     Internet Safety - COMING SOON



Identity Theft






How to Protect Yourself



Common Sense Ways to Protect Yourself




Who Is a Potential Victim?
Who are the Perpetrators?
How can I spot a "Fake Check"?

Where to go if you think you may be a Victim



Much of the information found on this page was compiled thanks to a recent informational session presented by the Hampshire/ Franklin County TRIAD

Speakers included Employees of the Federal Trade Commission and Sovereign Bank

The information on this page and it's links are meant for informational purposes only

if you have any questions about a product, offer or request for money or information, contact someone with experience in these matters